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It’s simply assumable that you want to travel more, however, don’t want to break the bank. That’s the reason that Travelinner listed here with some cheap travel places waiting for you to well-come.

In the event that this list remains with some more cheap travel places for. Relatively, it also offering you the great value of your traveling. Moreover, it will enable you to enjoy some of the world’s best sightseeing.

What’s more? Moreover, it has never been as cheap as traveling before, for sure. In this connection, just for you, I’ve done a costing investigation on it. As a result, you need not be frustrated about it, surely. (Things to do before traveling abroad, read here.)

Now, let’s see the cheap travel places I’ve selected for you: 

1. Nepal: 

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Motive: Listed first among all cheap travel places, however, for a great reason. Nepal called the daughter of the great Himalayan Hills. The topmost peak of the world is here- the mount Everest. Plenty of tourists visit Nepal every just mainly, even, maybe only, to see the beauty of the Everest.

Furthermore, Nepal is also well known for the glacial lake, exotic landscape, fussy city, etc. Besides this, the kindhearted Nepalese behavior will obviously make you must-go there again and again. Considering cheap travel places, Nepal may consider the super cheap.

Budget: 1. Accommodation: Basic room tariff starts from single-digit USD, like a $6-$9/night stay. However, this is mainly for budget travelers. Relatively, a $20-$30/night stay may cost you even better or a private room. [Read choose the best room for you.] 

2. Eating: On the off chance that if you enjoy the street food it will cost you just $1-$2  and for an ordinary eating $2-$3.

3. Conductance: For transportation, you may use a taxi, bus, also a plane (usually, costly) which you fit most. However, keep in mind Nepal is mainly a hill area, plain land rarely. So, the road is uneven and may take more time to cross even a short way.

4. Don’t miss: Lakeside city Pokhara, Dhulikhel to see the beautiful Annapurna Peak, Chitowa safari, Kathmandu city of the mess, general trekking, Mountain hiking, etc.

2. China: 

Panda. PC-pixabay.

Motive: This is the place of ancient ever-strange Great wall. China also the place of terracotta soldiers. In China, you can enjoy a blend of old with new wonder. Even, all types of flavor- slaty with spicy or hot and cold, for instance, you will have here. Consequently, the landscape of China is very constructing. A variety of options makes China cheap travel places among all.

Budget: 1. Accommodation: The budget starts from $12/night for hostels for one person. However, if you wish to more relax it will cost you $20+/night, higher for more comfortable living. Read 8 Key Tips To Choose The Best Room For You.

2. Eating: There are plenty of delicious street foods to enjoy, typically hot and spicy, however, within $1-$3. Eventually, for a disciplined meal, it cost you $5-$15 generally. If you wish to taste beer, it’s worth just $1-$2.

3. Conductance: Lots of ways to go away from near to far to see great China. Basically, train service all around the country easies going. However, the taxi service with the meter is also convenience. Moreover, buses, metro rail already advanced China among others in the event of cheap travel places and so on.

4. Don’t miss: China has the end-less things to see, visit and enjoy. Furthermore, it’s all pointed the value to visit, the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the French quartes of Shanghai, for instance. On the off chance that doesn’t miss the Beijing crowd. 

3. Sri Lanka:

The Wild SriLanka. PC-freepik.

Motive: When you looking for cheap travel places world-wide, Sri-lanka may have the listed top among all. However, it not only for the budget also for its tremendous landscape. Plenty of surprised awaiting for you here, the mountain with the picturesque beaches, chance to a wildlife safari. Relatively, the temple with a variety of colors must bless you more for long.

Budget: 1. Accommodation: Like China, here also generally two types of living facilities are available for tourists- hostels, and hotels (resort also in hotel category). Hostels will charge you $8-$12/night, however, for hotels it around $18+/night, even more for better living. 

2. Eating: Surely you will love to enjoy the street food here at only $2+, for a formal meal you may charge $5-$15/meal. Oh, experience beer at just $1.5-$3, so cheap, isn’t it?

3. Conductance: Srilankan bus and train service are very good from every point cost worthy for you, however, also there is a taxi service available, a little bit costly.

4. Don’t miss: Kumana National Park might be a great experience for you, it’s basically famous for its migratory waterfowl and wading birds. Besides this, the lion’s rock, abundant wildlife safari with the world-renown kitesurfing at Kalpitia Peninsula and Mannar should be tested by you.

Oh, how can I’ve forgotten the test of Srilankan Dosa and the tongue-watering crunchy samosa? Ah, please don’t miss it! Even, if possible bring a pack for me, hahahha.

If you want to read a cheaper travel-related article, click here.

4. Ecuador:

Quilotoa-Lagoon-Ecuador. PC-freepik

Motive: Another cheap travel places among all. Furthermore, Ecuador motivates you to ought to make foot-fall here by its crazy snow-covered Andes. What’s more? Moreover, the world-famous Galapagos Islands with the colorful Amazon rain forest make Ecuador a natural paradise. 

Budget: 1. Accommodation: Normally, here in Ecuador, hotel room tariff starts from $10, but, for budget traveling hostels makes more values it worth with $5-$9/night. However, if you hunting more amenities with lodging go for a higher price.

2. Eating: As usual for a budget traveler, always street foods make a great sense, it’s by all the way. Consequently, Ecuador also not staying out of it, just by $1-$4 delicious street foods will be in front of you. However, in the tourist area, you may cost $10-$15 for a disciplined meal.

Oh, don’t forget to experience beer at just $2-4.

3. Conductance: Being the cheapest country of Latin America, Ecuador provides a wide range of transportation services at cheap rates. Besides tazi and buses, major cities are connected with airways, however, comparatively lower cost.

4. Don’t miss: Unlike others, Ecuador, as I’ve mentioned, is the nature junkie’s paradise, don’t make you inexperience breathing with the Andes, great Amazon Rainforest and Cotopaxi Volcano at any cost. Quilotoa Lagoon is also a great attraction for you.

5. Laos:

Kuang-Si-waterfall-Laos. PC-freepik.

Motive: Among all the cheap travel places Laos acclaims its position almost on the top. In the event that Laos basically is a landlocked country with some hidden beauties. As it is surrounded by ever hot for tourist Thailand and Vietnam. Laos is typically popular for adventure travel, as it’s landscape surrounded by mountains, forests and almost 65% water.

Budget: 1. Accommodation: Lodging, here in Laos, hotel room rates start from $12, however, for budget travelers, hostels make more values within $6-$10/night. However, if you want more amenities with lodging, the arrangement also available there.

2. Eating: For a budget traveler, street food always helps greatly. Subsequently, Laos also staying within it, just by $2-$5 delicious street foods will make you come-again-taste-again minded. However, usually on the tour, you may cost $12-$16 for formal eating.

3. Conductance: As a soaked in the water Laos mainly depend on its water transportations system, however, road transport also available there. Unfortunately, you will not have experienced the railway service here till now.

4. Don’t miss: The beautiful Kuang Si waterfalls, the most visited waterfalls in Laos. Zip-linking by the jungle kiosk and the tree-house sleeping. Also in Laos, there are more beautiful waterfalls to have the real meaning of your traveling.

Read here more on Eco-friendly traveling.

6. Belize:

Turtle-Belize. PC-pixabay.

Motive: Mind-blowing picturesque Belize is a very small country on the Carribean Coast bordering with Mexico and Guatemala. It’s rich with the ocean holding enables tremendous diving points and amazing wildlife features. Belize situated in Central America with the massive Belize Barrier Reef. 

Budget: 1. Accommodation: Amazingly here for your lodging, rarely cost you two figures rather just at $6-$9/night with a twin sharing basis. Relatively, a Hotel room for single allotment, rates start from $10/night. However, for a relax traveling you may cost further than a budget traveler.

2. Eating: Thanks to street foods that always helps greatly to the backpack traveler. Therefore, Belize’s street foods remaining just by $2-$5 as delicious as you have tasted ever. Besides this, a gala meal usually costs you $13-$17. Combined with all cost Belize makes cheap travel places among others.

3. Conductance: Typically buses are most using by local people as it lower-cost, however, there is taxi services available. Moreover, it’s more affordable for the traveler, though most of the taxis have no fixed meter rate. But, the bus service is cheaper to travel around Belize.

4. Don’t miss: Tikal- the ancient city incredibly beautiful and UNESCO listed World Heritage Site. Besides this, you never want to miss the chance to discover the ancient Mayan architecture through Belize’s exotic landscape. Furthermore, the experience of Cave Kayaking enables you for a storytelling outing.

7. Georgia:

Tbilisi-Georgia. PC-pixabay.

Motive: How could I explain, on one side Georgia is the intersection of Asia and Europe. On the other hand, it is the home of Caucasus Maountanian’s and the black sea. Furthermore, Georgia, the former part of Soviet Russia, may make you fallen in love at the first site of its natural beauty. Among all cheap travel places, Georgia is considerably premier cheap.

Budget: 1. Accommodation: Accommodation costing might be a little bit surprised you, just for a single night it worth $5-$10. In the event that, don’t get frustrated about the quality of living. However, for single allocated lodging, it may cost you $12-$18/night. Relatively, for further comfort, it’s slightly more, however, you don’t have to break your bank. Read 10 Useful Tips To Choose The Best Hotel For You.

2. Eating: Again start with the street foods, like a budget or backpack traveler, it is your best friend ever. Therefore, Georgia’s street foods you can have with just $3-$7, however, with a different taste. Moreover, a disciplined meal may costs you $12-$18. Seeing with all cost Georgia makes cheap travel places among others.

3. Conductance: It makes great sense all-time for the traveler for traveling in the cheap travel places. Georgia, thanks to it’s cheaper transportation service, support it. Trvaler can look around by Buses, local train service as well taxi with the meter is very popular and safe. For more relaxed, air service also can be fecund for you, however, it cost more.

4. Don’t miss: Tbilisi- the capital city of Georgia, where you can experience the wooden architectural houses and the Soviet-era architectural contemporary designs. don’t miss to wet your feet with the black sea.

Oh, The mountain Caucasus’s loving scenery makes you amazed, surely. 

Special note for you:

Please keep in mind the budget given here, is based on real experience, however, it may change due to time. As a result, take it as a suggestion, not full and finale. Besides this, the traveling budget mainly varies on the season as well as availability also.

Furthermore, travel location and booking methodology may make some sense on it, legally. On the off chance that here listed budget for cheap travel places mainly for backpack traveler. Or, it may also be used for street couple traveler.

In conclusion, it also is considered that the travel budget may slightly deference in person to person and their dynamics. Article for Cheap travel places not willingly refers directly to the mid-budget traveling, however, if needed.

Read here for mid-range or more budget traveler- 4 Best Travel Place For You.

Thank you, happy traveling.



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